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"After a long period of great pain in my feet, Dr. Grau, used Advanced Biostructural Correction to straighten out my twisted spine and I am pain free and greatful!"

Robert J.

" When I frist came to Dr. Grau, I could not stand or sit and could not do just the simple everyday hygiene activities. After one week of treatments, I could. The pain was dissipating daily. After a month of treatments, I noticed so many things that had changed for the better. It was incredible! I am an asthmatic and now I no longer need my inhalers. Arthritic bumps are not longer sore and hurting and the bumps are disappearing. I no longer wake up with headaches and I have also noticed more clarity of mind and memory. Everyday is new and I am so grateful to have found her. She has truly blessed hands and technique. After three weeks I was riding the river with no pain. Life is an adventure now. Thanks Dr. Grau, for being around. If anyone is suffering as I was, I pray that they are as lucky as I have been. Please don't think surgery is your only option, it is not. Dr. Grau's technique will get you well and even make other parts of your body feel renewed and rejuvenated. If you have hesistations, please take it from me, she is the best and her technique is unlike other chiropractors. It is healing and rejuvenating and Dr. Grau is an awesome doctor and very eductated in her technique and in reading your body. You'll know that the first time you meet her."

Evelyn H.

"I have been treated by Dr. Grau for 3 years for my scoliosis. Now I do not have to hem my right leg pants (1inch) anymore. My right back wing used to protrude, it is now almost perfectly in place. Thank, Dr. Grau."

Margaret P. age 75

"When my mom came into Dr. Grau's office she was wlaking with a walker with pain and very slowly. She was very discouraged. After Dr. Grau's treatment, she is walking around easily and with a very slight pain (maybe a twinge). She is very encouraged!